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J. Pat Newland


J. Pat has managed both small and large offices for two different international real estate franchises.  Prior to moving into management, he was a regional trainer for one of those franchises.

J. Pat brings a unique blend of education and business experience to the school.  He spent 15 years as a university administrator and instructor, teaching at both the University of Arkansas and the University of Texas (don't hold that against him).  He has been in real estate since 1993.  Having been "on the street" as a sales associate and coached hundreds of agents, he has a great perspective on what contributes to a successful real estate career.   He views each student as an opportunity to grow their professionalism and to give them a unique experience motivating them to exceed their own expectations.

Because of his background, J. Pat has a different approach to teaching.  In his classes, you will be involved.  He believes the role of the sales associate is changing and the ability to educate your client is becoming essential.  Success is intimately tied to your ability to build relationships, negotiate mutually beneficial resolutions, manage conflict and solve problems.  You will be given a specific plan to successfully study and master the test material, but you WILL get more.  He says, "My experience has proven you learn best by teaching.  Join me for my classes, and we will learn together!"

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