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Marcella has been a licensed real estate broker since 1985 and she has always loved the challenge and opportunity to make a difference in an agent’s career.

Marcella will tell you training, and professionalism are extremely important! Having been a principal broker/owner and a successful agent career coach for several franchise’s, she has seen this first hand. Throughout her career, she has seen many opportunities to understand the importance of agents not only advancing through school, and passing the test, but then learning to apply the actual practice of Real Estate law, principals, as well as ethics. 

Marcella started her real estate career to make a difference in the quality of life she shared with her husband and four children. Her big “why” has always been centered around being the best mother, and now Mimi to her 9 grandchildren.


Marcella's mission is to make a difference in the lives of real estate agents, by creating confidence with knowledge, success with systems, and to grow their business and personal lives by living intentionally. She has a true passion for real estate and can't wait to help you excel in your real estate career!

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